Welcome to GODOFREDO ROMERO ILLUSTRATOR / WRITER. Here you will find samples of my work as  children's  books illustrator as well as for editorial projects. Should an agent or publisher  be interested in the stories I write, please let me know and I'll be glad to send you a link to download some of them. Below you can also download a catalog of my work in GR Illustrator.pdf format. In the near future I will add finished editorial projects for evaluation by book and magazine editors and publishers and also for agents who might be interested in representing me and my work.


Download a catalog of illustration samples in pdf format

 GR Illustrator.pdf





 While you are here, take the time to go to the eBOOKSTORE section and download The shrew in the garden, Frontino discovers Cristobal or When I grow up I want to be a star, entertaining eBooks for children; you'll be glad you did.


Some of the eBooks for children come in two flavors: with sound effects and without sound effects. Please take notice that the eBooks with sound effects are big files that require a wide band connection for download, and a little bit of patience. But I guarantee you that the wait is worth it. Aside from this, the story and the illustrations, as well as the number of pages are the same. It is your choice which of the versions you download.

It is important to take note that after the purchase is made and verified, the buyers will receive, via mail, a link to go to and download the books.

I wish you, and your children, many hours of joy through the reading of this stories.


 You can also download  , for the middle to advanced pianist, by Junior Romero; Improvisation techniques (for the jazz pianist) and 13 Piano pieces a master jazz piano player and teacher who shares with you his vast musical skills and talent, developed through his more than 40 years career, to help you become a better musician/player. 





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